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The Framework for the Support and Promotion of Mining Crafts “CAPAM”, operational arm of the Ministry in charge of mines was created by Order n ° 064 / PM of 25 July 2003 with the role of coordination, organization, Facilitation, support, promotion and development of mining crafts.


As part of the reorganization of Cameroon’s artisanal mining sector and with a view to making it contribute significantly to GDP through channeling and securing mining products in the formal channels of the economy, To constitute its own gold reserves, to improve the conditions and the living environment of mining craftsmen and neighboring populations, CAPAM has set up and implemented the Program« Appui au Développement des Activités Minières», Read more…

Main missions

Identification of all existing and potential artisanal mining sites
The organization at the level of each mining locality, of mining craftsmen in cooperative societies or in groups of joint initiative in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force
Facilitation of the granting of artisanal exploitation permits to mining craftsmen and their socio-professional associations

The promotion of a gradual evolution of authorizations for artisanal exploitation to research and exploitation permits

Facilitation of obtaining research permits or operating permits on artisanal perimeters

The facilitation of mining craftsmen and their socioprofessional regrouping, in particular, essential labor equipment, modern equipment and technologies, technical assistance

Facilitating the access of mining craftsmen and their socio-professional associations to micro-credits and micro-finance

The channeling of mining craft products to formal channels

The strengthening of Cameroon’s gold reserves at the Central Bank

The contribution to the viabilisation of the artisanal mining centers and to the improvement of the living conditions of the mining craftsmen and the riparian populations

Promoting cooperation with the private sector, development partners and non-governmental organizations

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