Bref résumé


Bref résumé

As part of the reorganization of Cameroon’s artisanal mining sector and with a view to making it contribute significantly to GDP through channeling and securing mining products in the formal channels of the economy, To create its own gold reserves, to improve the conditions and the living environment of the mining craftsmen and the neighboring populations, CAPAM has set up and implemented the Program « Support to the Development of Mining Activities », which Is the extension and the second phase of the Project « Support and Organization of the Mining Crafts », executed with the HIPC funds from 2005 to 2009. This Program is implemented at a time when Cameroon envisages to be an emerging country 2035.

Building on the positive dynamics fostered by the mining sector in the first phase (2005 to 2009), this Program « Support for the Development of Mining Activities » is intended to be an Integrated Development Program built around the valuation of resources Minerals of each of the districts of Cameroon and a concrete and decentralized model for the implementation of the GESP. The creation of a new type of exploitation in the mining craft sector called semi-mechanized artisanal mining whose CAPAM is the designer and the promoter has led the government to take a number of measures for the reorganization of this mining Sector of activity to know:

  • The Decree No. 2014 / PM of 01 August 2014 amending and supplementing certain provisions of Decree No. 2014/1882 / PM of 4 July 2014, amending and supplementing certain provisions of Decree No. 2002/648 / PM of 26 March 2002 laying down detailed rules for the application of Act No. 001 of 16 April 2001 amended and supplemented by Act No. 2010/011 of 29 July 2010 on the mining code.
  • The Joint Order No. 003950 / MINFI / MINMIDT, Enabling CAPAM to collect the ad valorem tax on mineral substances and the monthly installment of corporation tax payable by undertakings engaged in small-scale artisanal mining on behalf of the Directorate General of Taxes and specifying the The execution of its mission was signed by the Ministers of Finance and Mines.

Who give new missions to CAPAM.

Through the Guarantee Fund for the marketing of mining craft products, the organization, structuring, technical support, production equipment, capacity building, control, monitoring and collection of the quota- The Program has accomplished the magic of transforming the local communities of the arrondissements into engines of production of the wealth at the expense of the ambient reflex of consumer employees or of consumers short.

It demonstrates the need for Cameroon to establish a self-centered growth and employment strategy based on a concrete and coherent program, a catalyst for the dynamics of production, in which the State plays a major role, hence the need to capitalize Acquired through the transformation of CAPAM into a state-owned company. It is an expression of a clear political will of the State for the exploitation of our mineral resources with a view to the revival of the economic growth of the country.

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