Mining potential


Mining potential

The Cameroonian subsoil is abundantly rich. There is a bit of everything. Although not a major mining power on a world scale, Cameroon has a relatively large range of resources in its subsoil, the exploitation of which could boost the economy.

From 1960 to 1990, the government of Cameroon, in collaboration with internationally renowned bodies like UNDP and the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (Brgm), carried out studies to trace the Cameroonian mining potential. The results of these studies, as well as the 167 research permits already granted to date, demonstrate the richness of Cameroon’s subsoil. However, the mining data so far available concern only 50% of the national territory, according to the Ministry in charge of Mines. This means that there are still huge mineral resources to be discovered in Cameroon.

However, it is already evident, even after partial evaluation, that at least 52 types of mineral resources or mining targets, with a level of knowledge to classify them, are identified in Cameroon.

Interpretation of the satellite photos of the 4 mining areas where the proven and developed deposits of Cameroon are inventoried Location of proved and developed deposits in Cameroon Products inventoried in Cameroon
1. Eastern Region Bétaré Oya à Dimako Or
2. Southeast Region Golf de Guinée, littoral de la région Sud, Bassin de Douala-Kribi, Rio del Rey, Limbé, Lokélé, Bakassi Pétrole, pétrochimie, gaz naturel
3. Southern Region Kribi à Ebolawa Fer
4. Central Region Yaoundé à Akonolinga Rutile, étain, calcaire, uranium
5. Southern Region Kribi Bauxite
6. Region of the Littoral Edéa Aluminium
7. Southeast Region Bonaberi, gisements éparpillés, figuil Ciment, diamant, calcaire


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