Sewer & Financial support


Sewer & Financial support

06 types of substances are channeled into formal circuits by CAPAM namely: Gold, Sapphire, Rutile, Disthene, Quartzites and Sand gravel-river.

To ensure the profitability of pipeline operations for mining products, three measures are taken:

1)Method of fixing gold prices for mining craftsmen on the basis of the following parameters:

a)International Gold Course
b)Dollar exchange rate
c)Merger Loss Rates at Mining Sites
d)Pre-load charges
e)Ad valorem tax

Specifically, the more mining artisans offer a clean gold (low loss rate), the higher the price of pipeline that they offer.

2)  Control of melt loss rate Normalization of processes and processes for cleaning and melting gold to reduce melt loss rates, resulting in higher purchase prices from mining artisans, A share and an increase in margins likely to be realized on the other hand.

3)  Transparency, efficiency, efficiency in the implementation of revolving operations

a)Rigorous development of public sales records
b)Precise definition of the general and special conditions for the sale of gold
c)Public sale

The CAPAM makes available to mining craftsmen through bank accounts open to the names of the Gicamines Federations in a bank of 1st order of the locality concerned, a guarantee fund for channeling and marketing of mining products in formal circuits.

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