Improvement of living conditions of populations


Improvement of living conditions of populations

The impact of CAPAM in improving the living conditions of populations is not the least with the realization of socio-economic infrastructures:

Roads and mines
School Infrastructure and Academic Support
Health Infrastructure and Health Support
Recreational Infrastructure
Drinking water works
Rural electrification
Tele-technology Infrastructures
pont_beke_avant_capam pont_de_beke_construit_par_capamBéké’s bridge before and after CAPAM
ecole_de_beke_avant_capam ecole_de_beke construite_par_le_capamBéké’s school before and after CAPAM

CAPAM is not limited to the realization of infrastructures but also sets up socio-economic activities through the envisaged partnership with organizations and institutions to set up mechanisms for the benefit of mining craftsmen.:

Social security
Flexible savings and credit mechanism
Food Safety
Alternative Activities
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